Cooks Food Perfectly, Cleans Easily, Looks Beautiful

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The Signature Skillet a healthier way to cook. Free of any heavy metals, it allows you to bring out the flavor of your meals without the mess to clean up. Available in 7-inch, 9-inch, and 11-inch sizes.


Sturdy one-piece construction

Simple to clean and dishwasher safe

Backed by our Forever Replacement Policy

clean ceramic cookware, designed to last

Intentionally crafted by real people, for all people, to serve as an unquestionable kitchen staple you can trust.

always all ceramic, never made with metal.

For a smooth, safe cooking surface to complement your favorite ingredients and support an everyday, healthy lifestyle
No harmful residues or leaching

Conventional non-stick coatings can reveal harmful metals into the natural flavors of your food, altering the dish and how it nourishes your body.

Smooth, even cooking

Natural thermal properties allow our ceramic to retain heat without need for high cooking temperatures.

100% pure ceramic

No metal core. No nonstick coating. Only pure ceramic for truly-non-toxic, reliable cookware.

Handmade, not machine-made

Each piece is carefully crafted by real people.

Earth-Friendly Materials

A proprietary blend of natural minerals, clay and water. No metals, glues or polymers, ever.

40-Day Returns

If you’re not satisfied, we aren’t either. Give us a chance, or 40, with our 40-day return policy for replacement or refunds.

10-Year Warranty

With the same sentiment as sacred fine chinaware, this durable cookware is made to last for generations.

Family owned & family run

We’re in the business of making sure there’s healthy cookware out there for all kitchens and people. People over profits. Always.

A lifestyle investment for your kitchen, your body and the earth

Recommended by nutritionists, experts and doctors, Xtrema pans are above all – healthier. Our customers praise our ceramic products for surpassing a decade’s use, vastly outliving the short lifespan of generic ceramic coated pans. Contribute to protecting the environment by cutting waste with long living quality cookware, while elevating the food on your plate through non-toxic, flavor enhancing ceramic cooking.

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inspired by the trusted ancient art of ceramic, our process is simple–we fuse fine porcelain with raw clay and fire at over two thousand degrees to sculpt the purest of cooking surfaces.

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discover everyday, ceramic cuisine

Be inspired by culinary creations made with our favorite ingredient– 100% pure ceramic cookware.


Cooking made simple with beautifully handcrafted ceramic that is 100% natural, non-toxic, and worry-free.

Purposefully created by our family, impossibly replicated by modern companies.

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timeless design paired with

everyday durability