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There is quite a craze out now for ceramic cookware but is it really ceramic cookware?

Most cookware on the market that totes they are green ceramic cookware are really just metal cookware with an untested ceramic coated non-stick coating shell that won’t last more than 1-2 years.  Then what? Well your left with an unsafe metal core which has the potential to leach heavy metal toxins into your body.

This is what the pioneer of whole foods, Rebecca Wood has to say about ceramic coated cookware:

“Green “Ceramic” Non-Stick Knives and Cookware Ceramic coatings are made when a
chemically based polymer commingles with an anodized metal surface. This synthetic
substance may contain toxic metals like arsenic.

As chemical based polymer coatings are softer than metal, with normal use, the polymer
degrades. The life expectancy of a nonstick ceramic coated pot or knife is about one year. Once the
synthetic coating wears thin, pits or scratches then toxic metals, like lead and cadmium can leach
into foodstuffs. This coating itself may contain toxic metals like arsenic.

Note: Avoid all ceramic coated cookware. However superior 100% ceramic knives and cookware
made from natural substances is non-reactive. Furthermore, cooking in ceramic enhances the
flavor of foods as per the link cited above.” — R. Wood.

Read the full article here and learn more about cooking healthy.

All this to say that you don’t have to worry about leaching, unsafe non-stick coatings or metal inner shells with Xtrema 100% All Natural Ceramic Cookware.  Xtrema is handcrafted over a 20 day process that is green and safe.   Learn more about the manufacturing process of Xtrema by clicking here.


The ceramic minerals used to make our product are Kaolinite, Clay, Sand, Mullite, Petalite, Cordierite and various inorganic oxides which are used for the high temperature ceramic material. The  raw materials come from Australia, Africa, Asia and the USA.  Our ceramic glaze is made up of various oxides and there are no dyes or toxic chemicals in our ceramic non-scratch glaze.  The combination of various oxides give our product the black color. This Ceramic glaze is 100% safe and non-toxic. We fire our glaze at 2,500 degrees  which increases the surface harness and make it non-scratch-able.  Learn more about Xtrema 100% Green and Healthy Ceramic Cookware today! Please visit us today at xtrema.com 


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Erik Bergstrom

Erik Bergstrom

Erik Bergstrom is the Digital Media Manager at Xtrema Cookware, and he oversees the online presence of the company! Erik has personally seen family members struggle with chronic illness, and it fuels his passion for helping others understand the importance and value of cooking clean. Erik enjoys cooking, educating, and creating healthy meals for his friends and family. He is always seeking out new information from wellness professionals to grow his knowledge of what toxins do to the human body and the value of cooking without them!

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