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Meet Torie, a certified holistic nutritionist, natural chef, mother and author of the Mexican Keto Cookbook. Torie works with numerous people suffering from inflammatory disease and chronic illness - she's dedicated her life to helping others achieve health, wellness and longevity through sustainable lifestyle changes. Learn more at

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“Xtrema products are different because they don't have a non-stick layer, they don't have a color."

Torie Hall

Integrative nutritionist, natural chef, and published author of The Mexican Keto Cookbook.

do you know what's in your cookware?

We do. Xtrema is made from the combination of clay, water and heat. It's as simple and clean as cookware can get. No synthetic coatings, no harmful dyes, no metal leaching. It's pure ceramic cookware.

Truly 100% non-toxic

"Toxicity is significant in cookware because anything food touches it gets absorbed into." If you shop the perimeter at the grocery store and buy organic, it's time to consider what you're cooking in.

  • Pure ceramic, never made with metal
  • No synthetic coatings or dyes
  • No extractable lead or cadmium
  • FDA Certified & California Prop 65 compliant

Take control of your own health

Torie has a passion for promoting a preventative healthcare approach to encourage individuals to take action before their health becomes compromised. Her mission to help others achieve health, wellness and longevity through lifestyle changes is truly inspiring. If you would like to connect with Torie you can find her here:

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