Keeping your ceramics in shape

Learn how to care for your ceramic cookware to enhance its use and ensure its longevity for generations to come.

top tips
3-5 minute pre-heat time on low heat

A slow rise to full heat allows food to cook evenly and slowly giving you tastier and more nutritious meals.

Coat the pan with high-Quality Cooking Oil/Fat

Make your pan naturally non-stick for easy cleaning and added flavor with high-quality fats or oils. Our favorite choices are Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tallow, Ghee, or Grass-Fed Butter.

Fit the pan to
the burner

Make sure the bottom of your pan matches the size of your burner to achieve the best cooking experience and prevent food burn

Use baking soda for stubborn scraps

For burnt or stuck-on food, use dry baking soda, a scouring pad, and some elbow grease to make your cookware look new.

Inspired by the art of healthy, conscious cooking

Cooking with ceramic isn’t about instant meals or guaranteed dishes in 5 minutes. Cooking with full ceramic can be an art form itself, allowing the time and space to slow down life’s non-stop pace to connect with your kitchen, the food, the recipe, family, friends, and yourself. Rediscover the joy of cooking and watch pure ceramic help you become a better chef, savoring the process and life's little moments as much as the meal.

Preheat your cookware for 3-5 minutes on lowest setting before adding oil or fat to the pan.
Our 100% ceramic cookware can be sensitive to sudden temperature drops. To avoid surface cracking, be sure to thaw frozen foods before they hit the pan.
Tip: Be mindful of all sudden changes of temperature–such as cold water, frozen foods, or even cold countertops.
Make your pan naturally non-stick for easy cleaning and added flavor with high-quality fats or oils. Here are our top choices: Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tallow, Ghee, Butter are some of our top choices. Feel free to use the oil that serves you and your family best. Note: While sprays may not be the healthiest, they are very effective for foods like eggs or pancakes. However, sprays often contain propellants and additives that can leave residue on your cookware over time.

The versatile, everyday cookware

Our purely ceramic cookware was designed as an effortless staple for every kitchen and cooking style for worry-free convenience and ease. From prepping a quiche the night before to cooking over an open flame, our cookware is adaptable to any surface–our favorite being from stove to table for the ultimate, meal savoring serveware.

Safe to use wherever you cook, clean, serve or preserve

Where durability, versatility and practicality meet non-toxic, safe and healthy cooking.

regular or glass* Stove Tops
Toaster Oven
Steamer Oven
Convection Oven
Microwave Oven
Grill or campfire
*Do not slide cookware across surface – it may scratch your stove.
Not for use with an induction stove – that requires magnetic metal cookware

have questions?

Xtrema cookware is made of clay, water, natural minerals and oxides.

Our cookware is made without elemental metals. Our cookware is 100% ceramic and does not have a metal core.

Our products are not made with lead or other heavy metals. They are not ingredients in our recipe. Since the materials that we source come from the earth, we test every shipment for extractable lead and cadmium in accordance with California Prop 65. Xtrema has passed California Prop 65 standards for lead and cadmium leaching for 15 years. We share and update our test results publicly on our website for our customers to review:

Xtrema does not have a non-stick coating. Our cooking surface will become naturally non-stick with the proper oil/fat and heat. Our cookware also does not contain PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, or a "ceramic" coating.

Xtrema cookware is handcrafted in China.

During the product development phase of our cookware we set out with the intention to make our cookware in the United States. With quality as our top priority we found that the quality and innovation coming from our factory in China was much higher than samples that were made in the United States. With over 20+ years of relationships, better access to ceramic materials, a higher quality product, and a 10,000 year history of making ceramics we chose to have our cookware made in China.

10-Year Limited Warranty on all Xtrema Ceramic Cookware, Bakware and Teaware products. Should you damage your Xtrema product, we will replace the item for 50% off the full retail price of the product. Please visit warranty page for full details on our replacement program.

Xtrema's Forever Replacement Program covers all ceramic cookware, bakeware, and tea kettles, showing our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. The first replacement for damaged items is free, and additional replacements are available at a 30% discount, with a small shipping fee. Lids and accessories are not included. For more details, visit Xtrema's Forever Replacement Program.

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