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Perfect size!

I have a 10” and 12” skillets that I love so much! However, I knew I needed at least one more pan that was smaller. This 7” pan is absolutely the perfect size. It has a nice weight to it. I had already heat u a u of miso soup, made an omelette, pan fried dumplings and sautéed garlic. Love it!

Awesome pot

I love this pot. It works for all my soup recipes (thought not my big broth recipe, which is huge). It cleans up easily and well. And it's pretty, too. For any one weak, it is rather heavy, as it is ceramic. But I haven't found it difficult to work with or to clean. Just a note for very elderly people who might be very weak.

Great for Soup

I purchased this pot for making spaghetti sauce and soups, and it is wonderful! It leaves no metallic aftertaste when using acidic ingredients. The size is just large enough to make a batch of soup for 2-4 people, and I use it at least once a week!

12-Inch Versa Skillet

This is the most amazing pan, love it!

We love this skillet!

We bought 5 of these during the holidays (4 for family members as gifts) because we are concerned about the dangers inherent with most other cookware on the market. We were worried after reading a few reviews that it would be difficult to use and maintain. We found the OPPOSITE TO BE THE CASE! We use it every day to make over easy eggs in the morning, cook everything from pasta dishes to meat to sautéing vegetables and CLEANUP IS SUPER EASY. We haven't had any issues and in fact we love it. For cleanup we put it in the sink and splash hot water from the faucet onto it, just enough to basically steam whatever food may be left on the skillet. After a few minutes it's easy to just wipe the food away. We've followed the instructions to start off on low temperature for 2 minutes and then adjust as needed. It ends up getting hotter than a traditional pan after a few minutes so you don't need it on such a high setting. Although the instructions say they don't recommend using butter, we use it all the time and have no issues at all. We highly recommend this skillet to everyone.

Just the Right Size

I have the 1-quart and 1.5-quart saucepans, along with 2 skillets. This 2.5-quart Versa Pot is perfect for soups and stews for the family. Can't wait to try casseroles and roasting with it as well. Love this ceramic cookware.

5.5-Quart Versa Pot

Love this skillet!

This is the perfect size for me to make "one skillet meals" in. Lots of room to saute first and then to add the other ingredients and then be able to mix them without over flowing.

Great product

Love it

3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan

1.5-Quart Versa Pot


We could not love our pots more. It’s incredible how they distribute the heat differently from our old stainless set. The cooking process is more interesting, more controlled and our food tastes even better! We have had xtrema products for years now and don’t want to use anything else.

Great pot.

Great pot only wish it came with the silicone handle covers.


I have been searching for safe cookware to splurge on for so long and this is well worth the money! I love cooking soups and homemade pasta sauce in this, but you could really use it for anything. The ceramic cooks very evenly and quick once it heats up. Love, love, love!

My favorite pot

I use my Xtrema skillet for cooking almost everything I make. It’s easy to clean and I feel good cooking with it knowing no chemicals or heavy metals are leaching into our foods.

These pans are amazing. Extremely satisfied. Not only are they non toxic but they are the best non stick and easy to clean pan I've ever owned. You can literally wipe them clean.

One of the best

The pot is simply one of the best from Xtrema cookware. Sturdy, but not bulky, the size is not too big, good for preparing soup or stew for 4-5 people.
This pot is my favorite now, aside from the tea pot.
Sincerely, Irina P

Love it!

The 2.5 qt versa pot is such a perfect size and cleans up so easily also. Love all of xtrema pots!

Will never go back to “standard issue” pots!

The 2 1/2 quart versus pot is perfect for making a large batch of winter comfort soup! It is the latest addition to my collection...I now ONLY cook with Xtrema. Beautiful to cook with, easy to clean. And the food tastes richer and more pure... no metallic taste or toxins. I will never go back to standard issue pots and pans!

Awesome pans

It is the best non toxic pan. I would definitely buy it again. I would consider these pans to be the ultimate gift to family or friends.

Ordered Xtrema cookware for my wife after researching the best non-toxic cookware. We couldn't be happier. A little adjustment to cooking with it because you have to preheat pan for a minute. Not much of a change. Cooks great and cleans easier than any pans I've ever had. Seriously they come perfectly clean with extreme ease. It's amazing. Highly recommend.

Extreamly satisfied

My wife bought this and few other cookware from xtreama for thanks giving and extreamly satisfied with this purchase.

Love it!

I've been cooking with Xtrema 100% Pure Ceramic for a couple of months now and feel GREAT about my purchase! I trust that these cooking products are healthy and clean for my body.


this skillet has helped me to cook delicious meals at lower heat

versatile "super-skillet"

Love the way this can go from top of stove to oven to table, then afterwards even fits in my refrig to store leftovers, since it has no long handle. Cleans easily--just soak in hot water about 5 min., then clean with sponge & dishsoap, plus some baking soda if needed. I use it more often than any other cooking item I own, so is a favorite for sure.