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5qt Stockpot

Just got this and the quality is top notch! Thank you for a great, health product!

10" Skillet

These are the best pans ever! No harmful chemicals of any kind.

Versa Stock Pot
Love love love

I use this for my breakfast porridges daily. I love that it is safe and easy to clean.

3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan
Safe and Amazing

Purchased this pot after a lot of research. I love that they are safe and easy to clean!

Best safe cookware on the market

We live in very toxic world: heavy metals, etc.
I was extremely happy when I found safe ceramic cookware.
Easy to use, very satisfied customer. I bout almost all your products ☺️

Awesome pots!

These products need a little bit of learning but really awesome once you know how to use it. I love it for making soups and stews. It gives great comfort that while simmering my food for hours, chemicals are not leeching into the food.

Favorite !!

This kettle is perfect for boiling water and milk for tea. It is bigger enough for a 2 people or a crowd.

Great products and company stands by warranty

We recently had a warranty inquiry after owning your cookware for several years, some even 8 years. It was handled efficiently. XTrema stood by their warranty and replaced the items. We couldn't be more pleased.

Awesome products!

I have a variety of Extrema cookware and accessories. I enjoy knowing they are toxic free. They cook evenly and clean up easily which is great! I am very happy with skillets and sauce pans I’ve purchased. I eat a healthy diet and now I cook with healthy cookware. I would highly recommend these awesome products!
P.S. the skillets are extremely versatile.

5-Piece Starter Set
Viktoriya Dzhokova
5 piece starter set

Great set!

8" Grill Pan

I have found that this size is great for making paninis. Since most (if not all) panini presses are coated with non stick chemicals I had not had one in years but now I can start making them again. Non toxic FTW!

7" Skillet

Obviously pretty tiny but perfect for side dishes that don't require high heat, for example, veggies. Waiting for the lid to come back in stock so it can be more versatile.

100% Necessary

Well made and easy to use. I don't have a ton of cabinet space in my kitchen so I have to stack the pots and pans that I have

Love it!

Great size for single skillet meals, or pasta sauce. It stays warm for a very long time, I was impressed! I love that it is proven to be non-toxic and there are no chemicals leaching into our food.

I LOVEEEEE these pots! Get the SET!

Clean up is super easy and they are BEUATIFUL!

It's odd, your food glides off and the weight is an added bonus. They fit nicely in hand and the handle holders are very convenient.

I recommend the sauce pans, as I use them the most! 3.5 is a nice size, especially for a large family. 1.5 is the perfect size though.

I have pots and pans now and I DO not regret any of my purchases...

S.N. I've been waiting for the baking supplies since last year, so I'm happy they are FINALLY here!


I’m so excited about my safe, sturdy, & easy to clean baking dish! It’s such a versatile baking dish! Bonus points because it’s dishwasher safe!

Safe, sturdy, & easy to clean!

I’m so excited about my safe sturdy, & easy to clean muffin pan! Bonus points because it’s dishwasher safe!

Large Red Colander

Works as designed. Silicone is good quality and it easily opens up to a medium or high height and easily folds down flat for convenient storage. Love it!


Simply great product

The Only Cookware I'll Use

I've had these pots for about 7 years now and I've completely gotten rid of everything else. Like most good cookware, there is a learning curve so once you figure out how to not have stuff stick it will be just as easy and convenient to use as nonstick pans.

So Happy you make bakeware again!

I purchased bakeware from this company when they called it Ovenex. I was so sad when they stopped making it. When my son moved out I gave him one of rectangular pans that fit perfect in the toaster oven I bought him (same as one I had). He asked me if I could get him another one because he used it so much. At that time the bakeware was not being made any longer. To my delight you started making it again! Bought one for each of us. Love these even more than the old Ovenex. Thank you Xtrema for all your cookware.

Love love love!

I love that this cookware is nontoxic and you can cook at such a low heat!

Very enjoy

After using the 11-inch wok about two months, I have to say I really like the real aroma of vegetables inspired by this wok, and I referral Xtrema to my friend, she is also full of praise for the skillet that she bought. After having this wok, I feel like cooking is easy and simple, no rushing, just relaxing and enjoying, and the most important thing is that is very good for your health.
Buy the way, the customer service who help me to understand the ceramic cookware, she is so patient and very helpful, trustful…
Thank you for providing high-quality ceramic cookware to take care of the health of others

Quality and Safe

We're loving our new Xtrema bakeware and pot. They are made well, are easy to clean, are made from safe materials, dont affect the taste of the food and even look great!

Versa Skillet
Laura Bello
Love this skillet!

I use this skillet daily. One of my favorites!