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Love them!!

I am so excited to have healthy mugs! I love the size and the color goes with all. So grateful you all made these. Looking to get another set☺️❤️


Since I had my first extrema cookware, I fell inlove with it. Using it for my home cooked meals make me happy because my food stays warm for a while and it keeps me at peace knowing that my food is safe while using the cookware because it is non-toxic. Looking forward of buying more.

Great set!

Purchased the 12 piece versa set 3 months ago. As a busy working mom, my only hesitation was the delicate care these required. My family's health comes before convenience so I went ahead and purchased them. The cooking temp of medium or less was not an issue at all. I place the pot on the stove on less than medium while preparing the ingredients. Soups do take longer to boil but I plan for that. I use high quality coconut oil when making pancakes or eggs. If anything sticks to the pan, it's not difficult to clean it out with soap and water. As far as letting them cool before washing, it takes maybe an hour or so to cool back down. The red silicon holders are very helpful. Knowing they are pure ceramic without harmful chemicals leaching into our food is priceless. The only downside is that they are made it China.

Once you relearn how to cook you will love the flavor and presentation of all your foods!

I started slow with a pan to try. Once I readjusted to low heat cooking and learned patience and planning I became obsessed with the flavor of all the foods I cooked. I have expanded slowly as my budget has allowed but have never looked back. Absolutely love the teas, sauces, vegetables, meats, etc. and really all my recipes. The flavor is unsurpassed cooked the Xtrema way. I also love the ease of cleanup! Wonderful products and after much research the healthiest for my cooking needs!

Great for travel and leftovers!

These bags are super versatile, easy to clean and great for storing leftovers in the fridge for the week. The best part is that you can see what is in your bags and they STAND up, truly outstanding. We went on vacation and packed toiletries in the larger bags and used smaller bags to bring along spices and other kitchen staples for the week. Super useful, a new kitchen staple of ours for sure!

The best Dutch oven!

So happy I replaced my old one with this. I feel much better having something that’s safe for our family. We’ve used it a lot for beef stew and it’s perfect! Easy to clean too.


Easily my favorite pan I’ve ever owned. It’s nontoxic, cooks food perfectly, cleans easily and looks beautiful. Love it.

Beautiful & Functional

Not only do I appreciate that this kettle is nontoxic, I absolutely love how this tea kettle looks! It is such a unique piece. I use it daily and it has held up perfectly.
The only negative would be that there isn't a whistle, so I really have to pay attention to see when the hot water is ready.

Love it!

Love cooking with this! Easy to clean.

Traditions Saucepan
FAVORITE piece in my kitchen

I use this size most out of all of my kitchenware + pots. Absolutely an essential, and I've now acquired 3. It is ceramic, so its more easily breakable than other materials. However with proper care they last and its still more affordable than Le Creuset for equal health benefits.


Takes a while to get hot. Covering the pot helps retain the heat and helps it boil. Easy cleanup.


I love my ceramic pan! Once I learned to cook with it (let it heat up slow, then use oil) it cleans up so easily and cooks so well! Feels like great quality! Best part is that it is full ceramic, no chemicals.

Best little grill pan

I use this a lot. On top of stove, in oven and under broiler. Steak, burgers, bacon. Plus reheating meals. I live alone so it’s perfect size for me.

Versa Pan 12 Inch

We wanted to switch all of our cookware to a healthier option (free of heavy metals) and after thorough research decided on Xtrema. We wanted a pan to replace our previous large sauce pan. The 12 inch is plenty big and works wonderfully. It stays hotter for much longer and cooks very nicely! Very happy with our purchase.

5.5 Quart Stock Pot

We were wanting to switch all of our cookware to a healthier solution, free of heavy metals. After thorough research, we decided on Xtrema. So far we have used the stock pot about 15-20 times for mostly noodles—and it has been wonderful! Clean up is also a breeze. We just let the pot cool for about 10 min and then fill with water to soak for a bit. Then the excess just wipes off when cleaning. Great purchase! Xtrema customer service is also wonderful!

Great for All Boiling Needs

I use it to boil water for oatmeal and coffee. great size for 1 to two people. I've also used it for spaghetti but I break the spaghetti.

Great but Small

Love this pan! Was not expecting it to be as small as it is, but definitely get a lot of use out of it. Will be getting the bigger size.

High quality cookware

I love my Versa pot set! They’re aesthetically pleasing, and it’s nice to know they’re not leaching anything into your food! I gave my sister one of my pots & she liked it so much she bought a couple Xtrema pans as well.

One of my pots recently got a small crack and they immediately sent me a new one. Amazing warranty and customer service!

12" Versa Skillet

This is huge! I always buy the biggest frying pans because I want alot of cooking surface and I discovered that non-stick 12" pans usually have big sloping sides so that the bottom ends up being only 8 or 9 inches. So I was surprised to find that this pan had almost an 11" bottom. Works great when I fry up slices of zucchini, I can get alot in the pan and they all can lay flat to fry.

10-Inch Open Sauté Pan
10" Skillet

Holds heat and you can cook at lower temperatures. So easy to clean. Wonderful to know that I am cooking healthy.

Makes Baking Cleanup A Breeze

I was visiting a family member and was making a cake that requires a glaze. I used one of the XTREMA pots to make the glaze in and when I finished I set the pan aside to cool. We got to talking and I forgot about it. When I went back to clean up, the glaze had hardened and was like cement on the pan. I was afraid to clean the pan for fear of damaging it since I had never used this type of cookware before. Much to my surprise it cleaned up with no effort whatsoever. I used hot soapy water and a sponge with a nylon scrubber on the back. No elbow grease to speak of. Just hot soapy water. I was so impressed by this cookware I bought myself a set when I got home.


Good quality silicone trivets.


I have been using this saucepan for 5 months without any issues. Heating is uniform and no thermal cracks so far. Following instructions is key.


We love this non-toxic cookware! Worth every penny!!!

10-Inch Open Sauté Pan

We love this non-toxic cookware! Worth every penny!!!