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Rectangular Baking Pan
Kendall Emanuele
Great for cooking in a toaster oven

I love it! I use this to bake chicken, veggies, basically everything! This is great for cooking in a toaster oven because of its small size. Easy to clean too. Highly recommend!

The best!

Honestly I’m obsessed with this skillet and can’t wait to switch out all my pans to Xtrema Pans. It gets a nice seat onto food, cleans easily and the best part is it’s non toxic.

So great!

Love this splatter screen. Great to handle, hold, and work with. Makes me feel at ease because I hate the mess of oil everywhere and I trust Xtrema's silicone material.

Love this skillet

Did a lot of research on healthy cookware. Have switched my entire cookware over to Extrema. Love it this10inch is used daily.

Best cookware

Xtrema is the best. I started buying my collection since last year and piece by piece really makes me appreciate Xtrema. Also, their customer’s service rep is very helpful. 5-star rating! Thumbs up to Ms. Taylor. I definitely will be adding more to my collection. Love the recipes, too. More power to Xtrema!


I don't think you understand... I'm OBSESSED with this saucepan. I cook everything in it: soups, stir fry, oatmeal, even eggs! It's so sturdy and tough, yet easy to clean. It's obvious just from a few weeks' use that this saucepan will last the rest of my life. Can't wait to buy a skillet next.

Super Pot!

A dream come true for someone who loves to cook broth! Made a delicious lamb bone broth, was able to simmer broth for several days. Beautiful design! Love how the lid slides over to vent. Super easy to clean! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Sturdy Nylon Kitchen Tools!

Very well made, sturdy but light. Clean design.

Wow! A super steamer!

So friendly and easy to use! Easy to clean and will not rust or break. Safe and clean cooking :)

Compact and no rust Colander!

Very sturdy! Will last a long time. Easy to clean and will not rust!

Super excited!

Love the healthy cooking aspect - cannot wait to try these!

5.5qt Stock Pot is a new favorite!

I just added a 5.5qt Stock pot to my collection and used it yesterday evening for family Sunday dinner.

I used the 7” round roasting rack in the bottom and cooked the most delicious, beautiful, moist 6lb. roasted chicken I’ve ever made ( and I have always had a gift with preparing beautifully cooked birds), and the pot could have easily accommodated a larger chicken.

Because of the ability to use this pot in the oven with its, lid I was also able to start with an almost completely frozen bird.
I cooked with the lid on until the internal temp was almost at the target range( no need to baste as well!) and then removed the lid for the remainder of my cook time and created a wonderfully golden, perfectly crispy skin.

I will never regret my decision to make the switch, and invest in some truly high quality cooking equipment, and to trash the non-stick crap that you have to replace every year.

1.5Q Stock pot wonderful addition!

I was introduced to Xtrema several years ago in my persuit to find durable cookware that is not injurious to my families well-being.
I was fortunate to find a cookware set second hand from a family who was downsizing.
After many years of use I now have the confidence to add more pieces to my collection, I have absolutely no worry that every single piece I invest in will be the highest quality and last many lifetimes as long as care is taken.

I like that my purchases will likely be a legacy that my children( and grandchildren) cherish after I am gone.

Thank you Xtrema, I look forward to making many more additions to my cookware legacy.

Great product, highly recommended!

I did a lot of research before buying this cookware, and I have been using it for two years. It is an excellent product. I am happy to eat my food without toxic materials. I will buy more products from extrema.

2.5 Versa Stock Pot

I just love Xtrema. Love the fact that it is nontoxic that I have gifted Xtrema to my daughter and sister.

1.5 Versa Stock Pot

This is my 4th extrema and I love this pot! It is just the right size for my ramyeon! I eat off from the pot (Korean style) and my ramyeon stays hot!

Unique Piece!

I have been impressed with the quality of these skillets and pans. If the directions are followed, they clean up very nicely and easily. This skillet is a good size to use for smaller recipes and easy to pour! Loving it so far!

I’m hooked

I’m so glad I found Xtrema. Health comes first and I’ve been searching for a long time for safe cookware. Beautiful and high quality. I’ll be replacing all of my current cookware with this brand.

Awesome Tea Kettle

I have a farmhouse kitchen, this tea kettle is perfect, but I am must say it would go in ANY kitchen. It is just beautiful. When I make my tea, the taste is fabulous, nice and smooth. I am so proud of how it looks that I keep it on the stove all the time. I bought the skillets set and cannot wait to use them, because I know the food will taste better than ever. I am not a cook and need all the help I can get and this set will do just that. I know that it will because of what the tea kettle has done for my tea. I cannot wait until I will be able to buy more of the pots and pans to add to my kitchen. All Xtrema needs to do is sell coffee cups for our coffee and tea. I hope they do,
It would add a lot of beauty to our kitchens and to serve famiy and guests.

Deep pan

This pan came in a set. I've never used a pan that has such high sides before. It's really useful for cooking things like stews as well. Have not had a problem with food sticking either.

Great set

I'm so happy I bought this set. I like how they retain the heat so well once heated to the right temperature. I find that I'm using less heat on the stovetop since they hold the heat so well. So happy I found pots that last and don't leach toxins in the food. One less thing to worry about!

No toxins!

These pots are very easy to cook with. I thought it might be an issue with them not having a non-stick coating but I haven't had any problems with food sticking. I wanted something that (if taken care of properly) would last a lifetime and I think these will hold up for that long. The only thing that would be nice to have is a spout on the side of the pots for pouring sauces and soups, but I can still live without that if the tradeoff is having pots that don't emit toxins and are super sturdy like these ones.

Love this pan! And I would love it in a bigger size!

The 4-qt has become our go to baking pan from lasagna to king salmon to even making krystal/white castle type burgers. It is awesome in my oven or my Breville. And so EASY to clean. Only thing that it is missing is a bigger size. Xtrema, put me on the pre-order list if you plan to offer this in a bigger size!

5qt Stockpot

Just got this and the quality is top notch! Thank you for a great, health product!

10" Skillet

These are the best pans ever! No harmful chemicals of any kind.