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Based on 1942 reviews
Awesome pans

It is the best non toxic pan. I would definitely buy it again. I would consider these pans to be the ultimate gift to family or friends.

Ordered Xtrema cookware for my wife after researching the best non-toxic cookware. We couldn't be happier. A little adjustment to cooking with it because you have to preheat pan for a minute. Not much of a change. Cooks great and cleans easier than any pans I've ever had. Seriously they come perfectly clean with extreme ease. It's amazing. Highly recommend.

Extreamly satisfied

My wife bought this and few other cookware from xtreama for thanks giving and extreamly satisfied with this purchase.

Love it!

I've been cooking with Xtrema 100% Pure Ceramic for a couple of months now and feel GREAT about my purchase! I trust that these cooking products are healthy and clean for my body.


this skillet has helped me to cook delicious meals at lower heat

versatile "super-skillet"

Love the way this can go from top of stove to oven to table, then afterwards even fits in my refrig to store leftovers, since it has no long handle. Cleans easily--just soak in hot water about 5 min., then clean with sponge & dishsoap, plus some baking soda if needed. I use it more often than any other cooking item I own, so is a favorite for sure.

My Gift Recipient is happy

Gave this as a gift to my niece and she is so pleased with it.


I LOVE my xtrema skillet! Food is SO delicious from it! My husband made steak using it and I kid you not, it was the best steak I had ever had! (And the steak was the same Nature's Promise cut and brand we normally have!)
And he made the most delicious sausage with it. They came out so juicy and the best!

We did try to make homefries on it, however, we will have to try again. I like them a little crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and they didn't quite crisp up like the regular non-stick skillet, but there is a learning curve, and we are still learning!

Overall it is amazing!!!!

LOVE all their products

Very happy with my versa 10-quart Dutch oven. All Xtrema cookware has exceeded expectations! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Use this for so many dishes. So versatile for one pot meals. Easy to transfer from stove top to oven.


Using this 2.5 quart stock/Versa pot daily for various kinds of certified organic pastured beef meat, organs, and marrow bones. I've found that using water, not oil, makes cooking evenly easier, with much less work to clean. By using enough water, processed at home through reverse osmosis (RO) with pre- and post- filters, to cover the meat will prevent oxidation of the meat and marrow fat, with the lid on. The Versa pot, with the filtered water, enables the truest essence of the beef to become evident. Delightful! Some of the marrow bone joints are so large that I've ordered the next larger Versa pot, 3.5 quart, to accommodate them. These special ceramic pots are so resistant to acids that I can add a little acid to help dissolve the minerals from the bones into the water. The acid also also helps to separate the meat from the bones. Some cooks use vinegar, traditionally, with one cook stating that the vinegar releases minerals from the bones sixteenfold. I prefer to first cook the bones without acid to prevent too much iron from the meat getting into the water. After removing most of the meat from the bones, a little acid added to subsequent cookings of the same bones will enhance mineral removal from the bones. For further info about meat and bones and organs, read The Carnivore Code, by Paul Saladino, M.D.

Nice cookware

My first time using ceramic cookware. Took a little getting used to, but I followed Extrema instructions and had flawless results. Best of all is we’re no longer exposed to harmful chemicals which justifies the high price tag.

Very happy 😊

I love ❤️ my pots,I do not know but the food 🥘 get a better taste every time I cook in them, it takes a little bit to get heat but after that it is regular I like to cook in slow mode too,if you like heater is fine too!

Great pan

Lives up to the hype

Great tool set

I love the size of these kitchen tools. The handles are short and don't fall out of the small pans we use, but you can still stir and scoop like using a larger utensil. Perfect for us!

Loving it!

The utensils are 100% ceramic and so are heavy but they are totally worth it! They take a bit more time to get heated up initially but they retain heat for longer .. once you understand how they work, it’s easier and healthier to cook any dish :)


Great product!

Very pleased

I've occasionally been a little careless with the skillet and worried that I damaged it but happily, it's still fine. Very pleased with the purchase and I use it daily.

Best cookware ever soak with soap and water cleans easy use it for bacon and scramble eggs

Love it!

I love my new 2.5 Quart Traditions Saucepan! My goal was to get a 100% pure ceramic pan for clean, healthy eating. Highly recommend.

Perfect for large batches

This pot is huge. It’s great for making stocks, broths, soups, chili, stews. I always overfilled my other stock pot but with this guy I have never had a problem. Cooking for the holidays just got easier.

Love cooking Indian curries in this!

perfect size for cooking 4-5 servings, slightly heavy but even heat makes the food tastes perfect

What you don’t know

Iron cookware leach significant iron into food, iron that can increase odds breast cancer or recurrence.
Copper - oh geez, too many bad things including lots blood and brain symptoms doctors never figure out unless they know you use copper, copper increases breast cancer odds.
Aluminum = dementia,etc
Stone ware, diamond, and tons of other non stick terms is PTFE (Teflon), and can post pfoa FREE because at low heat it is, steer clear.
Ceramic coating, thin layer that can leach stuff under it when scratched, chipped, etc. that can be lots if really bad stuff.
Solid ceramic and Pyrex safest option with xtrema having the most versatile range of temperatures (cold, heat, stove top, oven, etc).


The absolute best set I've ever had. High-quality, excellent, perfect!

Love IT!

It's the best and I don't have to worry about any chemicals attaching to the food i'm making.

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