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Ceramic Wedding Gift Suggestions


Looking for a wedding gift that the happy couple will actually use? Some couples seem to have everything they need, which can make finding a suitable gift seem like an uphill battle. Luckily, it's never too early or too late to graduate to a grown-up cookware set. Any couple with culinary aspirations deserves a cookware set that will conduct heat well, cook food evenly, and resist cracking or chipping under pressure. In terms of the highest quality cookware you can gift to close friends, coworkers, and family members, nothing can beat ceramic cookware. In this guide, we offer ceramic wedding gift suggestions that the newlyweds are sure to treasure for years to come.

Xtrema Ceramic Set

Ceramic Wedding Gift Suggestions

Although it may seem like the latest craze on the cookware scene, ceramic is actually one of the oldest cooking surfaces known to mankind. This versatile material is made of clay and water as well as inorganic minerals that occur naturally in the earth's crust. What sets pure ceramic apart from other cookware materials is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Ceramic cookware is also made without any lead, cadmium, and heavy toxic metals. Unlike metallic cooking surfaces, ceramic cookware doesn't contain any non-stick coating made of PFOA or PTFE, so nothing harmful can scratch or flake off into the food that's been prepared. We rounded up some great gift suggestions for the couple that cares about the quality of the cookware they use just as much as where the ingredients for a recipe come from.

Bakeware Set: Homemade bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods can make any space smell delicious. There's something about that fresh-baked smell that sends taste buds into overdrive, and a quality bakeware set can help any newly married couple turn their house into a home. Our three-piece bakeware set comes with three different size baking pans to suit any need: one-quart, two-quart, and four-quart. These baking dishes are great for making brownies, cinnamon rolls, and other pastries, but you can also use the Xtrema bakeware to make a casserole, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, roasted potatoes, shepherd's pie, and so much more.

Cookware Set: Cooking together can strengthen a relationship, but every couple needs a versatile cookware set to get started. We offer an array of ceramic cookware sets to choose from. Our 5-piece starter set may be perfect for the couple who isn't sure what they may need just yet. This starter set comes with (1) 1.5-quart Versa pot, a matching lid, (1) 7-inch Traditions skillet, and a 2-piece red pot holder set for Versa pots. Our 8-piece Traditions saucepan set is perfect for couples who like variety. Each saucepan set comes with (1) 16-ounce Traditions saucepan with lid, (1) 1-quart Traditions saucepan with lid, (1) 1.5-quart Traditions saucepan with lid, and (1) 2.5-quart Traditions saucepan with lid. We also offer 11-piece and 12-piece sets for versatility. If the newlyweds you know are on a health kick, you might consider the 3-piece Traditions 1.5-quart steamer set, which is great for steaming vegetables as a side dish.

Dutch Oven or Stock Pot: Cooking for a large group can be tricky without the right equipment. Some would argue that a Dutch oven is one of the most important pieces of cookware that any aspiring home cook can own. Once you have a trusty stock pot, you will likely never need to buy another one again. We offer a wide variety of sizes to choose from, so the culinary couple can make one-pot pasta, soups, stews, casseroles, roast chicken, braised short ribs, risotto, and many other dishes in a snap. These durable Dutch ovens will not break as the result of thermal shock, so they can even take leftovers straight from the oven to the fridge without worry.

Teaware: Sometimes we all need to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. There's nothing more comforting or calming than drinking a warm cup of tea at the end of a long day. Tea has even been proven to play an important role in mood and performance. One study performed in Britain revealed that making a cup of tea is one of the biggest compatibility tests for couples. Ceramic tea kettles are sturdy enough to stand up to everyday use. Best of all, the ceramic coating we apply to each of our Retro, Asiana, and Swirl tea kettles guarantees that nothing will leach into the water used to brew tea. Our ceramic tea kettles also retain temperature for long periods of time.

Wok: Along with pots and pans, every newly married couple needs a non-stick wok that can tackle everything from a quick stir-fry to steamed veggies. These bowl-shaped frying pans originated in Asia more than several centuries ago, but they have since become one of the most common cooking pans used in the Western world. Our 8-inch Traditions wok with lid is perfect for making a side dish to complement a romantic candlelit dinner and our 11-inch Traditions wok is ideal for making enough Pad Thai or Fried Rice to have leftovers the next day. Plus, a ceramic wok gives any home cook the freedom to use nylon, silicone, and wooden utensils.

At Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware, we understand the value in versatility. Set the newlyweds up for success by giving them the gift of healthier, more flavorful cooking experiences. In addition to ceramic cookware, bakeware, and teaware, we also supply a wide variety of ceramic bowls and mugs as well as nylon kitchen tools and silicone accessories. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our ceramic wedding gift suggestions or our ceramic cookware collection today. Email us today or complete our online form to receive further assistance.

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Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware

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