Health Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

Health Benefits of Ceramic Cookware




We all want the best for our families to be happy and healthy.  Small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference, even changing type of cookware you use is an excellent step in the right direction to protect your family from harmful metal toxicity. There are many benefits of pure ceramic cookware, both for your health and for cooking. However, you must be sure you’re getting true ceramic cookware without toxic coatings or metals, or the same hazards may apply. With Xtrema, you can trust that the products are true and pure ceramic.


Xtrema, pure ceramic cookware offers these unique benefits for your health:


  • No trace metals or dangerous chemicals leach from the cooking surface to affect the flavor of your food or your
  • No toxic or harsh chemical coating to flake off into your
  • Can withstand temperatures as high as 2,500 degrees (steel melts at 2,200 degrees)


However, you need to know that you may not be able to trust all ceramic cookware to have these same benefits.


When many people think of ceramic, they think of pottery. The ceramic used in the Xtrema ceramic cookware is high fired stoneware which is also kiln-fired at 2500F for 24 hours, utilizing a process that has been used for 10,000 years.  Combining the historic process with elegant design, Xtrema is non-scratch, versatile, attractive and long lasting.


Pottery, on the other hand, tends to be weaker and more brittle. It is not like Xtrema ceramic cookware. Much of it is intended for decorative purposes and not designed to withstand high oven temperatures or everyday use. Inexpensive handmade local pottery that is poorly glazed can also contain high levels of lead that can leach into your food when heated.


The ceramic cookware from Xtrema is California Prop 65 tested and approved, and each shipment is further tested for the presence of lead and cadmium which are very toxic.   California Prop 65 is the USA gold standard of testing for leachable toxic metals.  Eco-friendly and safe to use on the stovetop, in ovens, broiler and microwave safe and this cookware is a great, non-toxic, healthy choice.  In the last several decades we have seen as a society, significant increases in a variety of conditions and illnesses brought on by metal toxicity.  Auto immune diseases and depression and our exploration of that earlier this month is a great example.  We must take responsibility for our health and be aware of the toxins that we are putting into our bodies.


Aluminum cookware is one of the most common cookware to use but can be very toxic as this heavy metal is absorbed into all food cooked in it. The aluminum released into foods during cooking ends up in your body. Excess aluminum has been associated with estrogen-driven cancers and Alzheimer's disease.



Stainless steel cookware is made from a metal alloy consisting of mostly iron and chromium along with differing percentages of molybdenum, nickel, titanium, copper and vanadium. But even stainless steel allows other metals to leach into the foods. The principal elements in stainless that have negative effects on our health are iron, chromium and nickel.


Cast Iron is made from pig iron, which is the product of smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. The truth is that iron comes in a ferrous and a ferric form.  Our bodies cannot assimilate the iron (ferric) from cast iron cookware.   This means that iron from cast iron cookware is not bioavailable and it has no value to our bodies at the cellular level. You cannot get the “good” iron you need from cooking in an iron skillet.  In fact, it can be very harmful to people who are allergic to heavy metals and it can lead to auto immune problems.  


Next Steps for Action



When considering the health of yourself and your family, Xtrema is the only cookware brand to consider with no trace metals or dangerous chemicals.  We are going to continue to explore the health risks associated with metal toxicity and their impact on a variety of diseases.  Our mission is to help families to take back their health.  This is going to be an intensive series and we encourage you to keep coming to our blog to learn more about healthy families and cooking.

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