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Xtrema Ceramic Cookware puts health and quality first when it comes to your cooking experience.

Your health and your family’s health are important to you. Xtrema’s healthy cookware offers a safe, eco-friendly, 100% green alternative to traditional metal cookware. You can trust your family’s meals to the first ceramic cookware of its kind that enhances the flavors of your foods while providing you a superior, non-scratch, easy-to-clean surface. Our healthy cookware is unequaled in performance and safety. Xtrema is #1 in versatility– it can go from the stove to the oven to the broiler to the microwave to the toaster oven to the convection oven to the barbecue grill to the kitchen table, to the refrigerator, to the freezer and finally to the dishwasher.  To learn more about Xtrema’s healthy benefits.

At Xtrema we also understand that there is more to healthy, safe living than just using the best quality cookware.  Another key component is cooking healthy.  With so many diets and health fads out there today how does one decide what program to choose or what path to take for achieving maximum healthy benefits? That is why we were extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Andrew Larson and Ivy Larson of Clean Cuisine.  Just like us they share the same desire to put healthy living and eating first and make it easy to understand and follow. We understand and love what they are doing and their healthy recipes will only make the Xtrema cooking experience better tasting and healthier for you. Their site is packed full of great clean recipes, home workouts, fitness and wellness tips and so much more.  They also have a series of books about healthy living that you should check out too!  To learn more about Clean Cuisine, Click Here.

Xtrema Cookware gives Clean Cuisine two big healthy thumbs up!  Keep those clean eating recipes coming!

Happy Healthy Cooking,

Xtrema Cookware

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Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema® redefines healthy cooking by crafting products with the highest integrity and versatility to help cooks everywhere make the best food possible for themselves, their families and their friends. Xtrema® cookware was developed by experts to be a healthy, non-toxic alternative to metal, nonstick or ceramic-coated cookware. Xtrema® cookware is entirely ceramic, from the glaze to the core, for consistent heating and exceptional versatility. Most importantly— unlike cookware that is metal, nonstick, or merely coated in ceramic—Xtrema® will not leach chemicals or metals into food, for a safer cooking experience.

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