Plant-Based Meals to Go

Plant-Based Meals to Go


plant based meals on the goA big challenge of sticking to your plant-based diet is those times when you're in a rush or not at home. A great way to counter that is by having easy grab and go meals to take with you. 

Here are a few ideas for plant-based meals you can prepare ahead of time to go:

  • Bento boxes are a great grab and go option. Just get a small container and fill with a mix of fruit, vegetables, nuts, dip, if your diet includes cheese and meat you can include those diced up, whole grain crackers or pita points and/or dark chocolate. 
  • Salad or soup in a jar is so easy to prepare in batch/bulk in advance and store in single serving-sized Mason jars. For salads, you can pour the dressing in first/at the bottom so that it doesn't get on the salad beforehand (just shake closed jar when ready to eat). Here are some soup and salad recipes to give you a few ideas:
  • Sandwich Wraps and Pitas are easy to prepare in advance, and even easier to grab to eat on the go. Find whole grain or gluten free wraps or pitas and fill with any combination of plant-based ingredients. A few ideas include a Caesar salad wrap or a green goddess wrap or a roasted pepper and hummus stuffed pita.
  • Plant-Based Sushi is a great option. One of the easiest options is to make a cucumber roll by cutting a cucumber in half, scooping out the seeds to make it hollow, and filling with either brown sushi rice or quinoa (if you eat tuna fish, that can be mixed with the rice). Once it's filled, slice the filled cucumber. Make a tasty sushi dip by mixing sriracha with vegan mayonnaise or Greek yogurt.
  • Overnight oats, yogurt parfait or chia pudding is delicious, healthy and doesn't even require any effort during a busy morning. This is where having jars on hand is handy again.
    • To make oats, combine equal parts oats and unsweetened almond or coconut milk with honey or maple syrup and your choice of other mix ins inside a jar overnight. 
    • To make a yogurt parfait (this can be done with Greek yogurt if you consume dairy or a non-dairy yogurt), get a jar and layer yogurt, nuts, fruit or dried fruit or jam, natural sweeteners if needed.
    • Chia pudding can be made by combining milk of choice with two tablespoons of chia seeds and sweetener of choice. Stir well, allow to sit for two minutes, then stir again. You can use a variety of add ins such as fruit or jam. In the morning, grab and enjoy!

Also see our guide to starting a plant-based diet.

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