Why so many are Switching from Nonstick to Xtrema All Ceramic Cookware

Why so many are Switching from Nonstick to Xtrema All Ceramic Cookware


Imagine spending your hard-earned money on healthy food to prepare a nourishing meal for your family, and you find out that your cookware is leaching toxins that can harm their health. Because many people use their cookware multiple times a day, it can be a source of frequent toxin exposure and have a greater capacity to cause harm. For this reason, switching from nonstick cookware to healthier options is essential for optimum health.

For a long time, nonstick cookware has been promoted as an easier way to cook; however, convenience generally does not equate to long-term health. As more people become aware of the health concerns associated with nonstick cookware, they are switching to healthier options such as Xtrema 100% all ceramic cookware. Nonstick cookware is easy to clean, and so is Xtrema without using an unhealthy nonstick coating. Xtrema won't leech harmful chemicals into your food, is easy to clean, durable, and provides a seamless cooking experience.

 Nonstick vs. Xtrema All Ceramic Cookware

Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick cookware is made with a metal base and a coating containing harmful chemicals. Most nonstick cookware is coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic plastic fluoropolymer that has been used since the 1940s. It is used in a wide variety of products, including nonstick cookware, to create a slip-resistant cooking experience. Another harmful chemical, PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid), has been used to develop PTFE in the past.

Since PFOA was so widely used, it is now a contaminant in the environment that does not break down and can still make its way into products that contain PTFE, such as nonstick cookware. Most nonstick cookware, known as Teflon, will quickly degrade with each use. When the nonstick coating is scratched, it can end up in your food which is very unhealthy to consume.
Health Concerns Associated with Nonstick Cookware

Because nonstick cookware degrades with each use, the harmful materials can easily make their way into your food. Most people want to prepare meals in their cookware, not eat their cookware. Using cookware that contains PTFE and PFOA can contribute to health issues such as endocrine disruption, reproductive health issues, prostate issues, thyroid issues, neurodevelopment issues, weight management issues, suppressed immune health, and even cancer. Switching from nonstick cookware to Xtrema 100% all ceramic cookware is an excellent way to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals and support your health.

Is Xtrema Cookware Nonstick?

Xtrema cookware does not use nonstick cooking on their cookware because it is not healthy. Using cooking oil is the safest method for creating a nonstick surface. Their cookware is designed to be non toxic and safe for the everyday home cook. When Xtrema cookware is used correctly with the right amount of healthy cooking oil, you can prepare recipes without worrying about sticking.

Nonstick cookware does not last very long. It usually lasts no longer than three years. The nonstick coating generally degrades with each use, throwing your money down the drain. Most people don't want to purchase cookware they have to replace frequently. For this reason, nonstick cookware is not durable, sustainable, or eco-friendly.
Air Quality

Clean indoor air is essential for overall wellness. Most people spend a great deal of time indoors, which can expose them to frequent toxin exposure. When traditional nonstick cookware is used on high heat, generally 500F, it can produce harmful fumes that can cause flu-like symptoms. Cookware should support your family's health and contribute to a non toxic home, not harm it.
Pro tip: It is a good idea to use the overhead fan on the stove, open the windows daily, and use an air filter when cooking. These healthy practices can minimize the number of pollutants in the air in your home.

Nonstick Cookware vs Healthy Cooking oils

Many people rely on nonstick cookware because they believe using less cooking oil is healthy. However, you might be surprised that preparing meals with healthy cooking oils can offer many health benefits. Instead of relying on nonstick cookware, use Xtrema with healthy cooking oil for a seamless cooking experience. Healthy cooking oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee are an excellent addition to a well-balanced diet. These fats help regulate hormones, insulin response, satiety, and weight management. The body needs healthy fats with every meal and snack to release the hormonal signal leptin, which is sent to the brain to indicate when we are full. Meals void of healthy fats can contribute to overeating and weight gain. The healthiest option is to avoid nonstick coatings and use oils in your cooking with all ceramic cookware.

When using nonstick cookware, you are limited in your cooking methods. It cannot be used in the microwave, unlike Xtrema cookware. Xtrema can be used from the stovetop to the table, in the microwave, and on the barbecue, giving you more cooking options.
What About Nonstick Ceramic Cookware?

You might be surprised to know that ceramic nonstick pans are not ceramic. They are ceramic coated. There is a significant difference. Nonstick ceramic cookware is generally made from a metal core and a thin ceramic layer on top. Most ceramic coatings are made from "Sol-gel" coatings consisting of silica and other inorganic chemicals. The issue is that the coating degrades over time, especially with higher-temperature cooking. Using a metal base cookware with a ceramic coating is not your healthiest option. When the coating gets scratched, it can expose you to toxins from the base metal beneath the ceramic coating and leech into your food. The healthier choice is Xtrema 100% all ceramic cookware. Xtrema is constructed with all ceramic materials, a solid ceramic core, is non-reactive, and made without using unhealthy coatings that can chip off into food.
The Benefits of Switching to Xtrema All Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema all ceramic cookware is inspired by the art of healthy, conscious cooking designed for the everyday kitchen. It is safe, non toxic cookware made by hand and safe for your family's table. Xtrema cookware is made from 100% all ceramic, all-natural, non-toxic, inorganic, and non-reactive. It contains no PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, coatings, or dyes from the glaze to the core. Xtrema cookware will never leach chemicals, metal, cadmium, lead, or change the taste of your food. Xtrema cookware is also FDA compliant and meets California Prop 65 standards, certifying that it is free of more than 800 compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.
 Xtrema Cookware Supports Health

Xtrema all ceramic cookware is endorsed by physicians, homeopathic providers, integrative medicine practitioners, nutritionists, health coaches, and wellness bloggers worldwide. Wellness enthusiasts understand that what we cook our food in is just as important as the food itself. Healthy and nourishing ingredients are only one piece of the puzzle that makes up optimum health. The products we use daily are an integral part of supporting the health of our family and friends. Switching to non toxic cookware helps to minimize the body's toxic load, encouraging better health and vibrancy.

"While nonstick, metal, and ceramic-coated cookware can leach metals and toxic chemicals into foods, Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware was developed by experts to give home cooks a healthier alternative."
Xtrema Cookware Creates a Better Cooking Experience

The fantastic thing about using Xtrema all ceramic cookware is that it provides consistent heating for a smooth cooking experience. Because it can hold a steady temperature, unlike nonstick cookware, foods are more evenly cooked, flavorful, and healthy. Let's face it: flavorful foods are more enjoyable. Pure ceramic cookware helps meats cook more tender, juicy, and deliciously. Bread will be moister and fluffy on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. Vegetables will be more flavorful and retain their nutrients. Because Xtrema all ceramic cookware is best used in low to medium heat settings, you will inevitably be preparing healthier and tastier meals.
Xtrema Cookware is Versatile

From the stovetop to the table to the fridge, Xtrema cookware makes preparing a healthy meal easy. Xtrema is versatile cookware and bakeware that is safe on the stovetop, oven, microwave, and barbeque grill, giving you many options when preparing meals. Because Xtrema cookware and bakeware are so stylish, you can use them as a serving dish from stovetop to table. Its sleek black design makes a beautiful serving dish that adds style to any table setting.
The 12-Inch Versa Pan can be used for various healthy recipes such as soups, pasta, risotto, stir fry, stews, roast chicken, lasagna, and casseroles. You can even bake desserts in it.
Xtrema Cookware is Durable

There is a lot of cookware on the market to choose from. One question to consider is how long do you want your cookware to last? Who wants to replace their cookware every few months or years? Doing so can be expensive and contributes to environmental waste. Most nonstick cookware has to be replaced every few months or three years. Xtrema cookware is made with the purest intentions and is meant to last. It is made from all ceramic, so you don't have to worry about it being scratched or stained from various foods, unlike nonstick cookware. The natural ceramic glaze delivers a smooth, high-gloss, scratch-resistant ceramic cooking surface. Xtrema cookware provides a healthier cooking experience that can stand the test of time. Xtrema may be a bit of an investment initially; however, you will save money in the long run because it lasts, unlike nonstick cookware. When you purchase Xtrema cookware, you will receive a 10-year warranty. That's how confident they are in the durability of their cookware. Many Xtrema customers have had their cookware for over a decade.

Every Shipment is Tested for Heavy Metals

Many brands get away with claiming that they are green, clean, non toxic, healthy, and free from harmful chemicals but do they test for heavy metals? Xtrema has the highest standards and performs the most rigorous tests to ensure its cookware is free from toxic chemicals. Xtrema 100% pure ceramic does not contain extractable lead or other heavy metals in its cookware or labels. Before leaving the manufacturing facility, every shipment of Xtrema Cookware is tested for heavy metals. Xtrema is FDA compliant and meets California Prop 65 standards, certifying that it is free of more than 800 compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. To learn more about Xtrema's rigorous testing process and to view their results click here
To recap, the next time you search for new cookware, you want to make sure that it is made without nonstick coatings, non toxic, made without PTFE, PFOA, is durable, versatile, and 100% all ceramic. The healthy and long-lasting choice is Xtrema 100% all Ceramic Cookware.

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