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Ceramic Stock Pots

Our stock pots feel at home everywhere in your kitchen.

Ceramic Stock Pots

Our stock pots feel at home everywhere in your kitchen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
The Only Cookware I'll Use

I've had these pots for about 7 years now and I've completely gotten rid of everything else. Like most good cookware, there is a learning curve so once you figure out how to not have stuff stick it will be just as easy and convenient to use as nonstick pans.

Jenna Polk
The 1.5 Quart Versa Pot is a perfect small pot

We love this little pot. It's the perfect size for reheating soup and other leftovers, as well as making small quantities of rice and pasta. We don't use it often because it is so small and our family eats many one-pot meals. But it serves its purpose and, most importantly, is an excellent nontoxic choice.

Tatiana Shipkova
Excellent and versatile!

I have cooked jollof rice in this pot, braised ribs, baked chicken, sautéed veggies, cooked soups - you name it! The pot is indeed versatile, works extremely well and I am so happy to know that it is non-toxic for my family. Recommend this product without reservations!

Lisa Bartle
Awesome pot

I love this pot. It works for all my soup recipes (thought not my big broth recipe, which is huge). It cleans up easily and well. And it's pretty, too. For any one weak, it is rather heavy, as it is ceramic. But I haven't found it difficult to work with or to clean. Just a note for very elderly people who might be very weak.

Kristine Forbing
Great for Soup

I purchased this pot for making spaghetti sauce and soups, and it is wonderful! It leaves no metallic aftertaste when using acidic ingredients. The size is just large enough to make a batch of soup for 2-4 people, and I use it at least once a week!

Versa Stock Pot

$95.99 $119.99 20% Off


Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Andrea Manubay-De Guzman
Excellent size

I love every product of xtrema. They are safe and are made with high quality materials. This 10-quart versa dutch is ideal for my family size. I’ve been using xtrema for years! Kuddos to you!

Emily Reed
LOVE all their products

Very happy with my versa 10-quart Dutch oven. All Xtrema cookware has exceeded expectations! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Amanda M
Perfect for large batches

This pot is huge. It’s great for making stocks, broths, soups, chili, stews. I always overfilled my other stock pot but with this guy I have never had a problem. Cooking for the holidays just got easier.

HUGE pot

This is a huge a dutch oven, enough for a big pot of soup. I love it so far!

Rasinee Pongchairerks

10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven

10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven

$379.99 Arriving Jan 2022

One set of pots and pans. For life.

Handmade from the highest quality materials and high fired at 2500 degrees Xtrema's non- scratch surface and durable construction is designed to last the rest of your life!

One set of pots and pans. For life.

Handmade from the highest quality materials and high fired at 2500 degrees Xtrema's non- scratch surface and durable construction is designed to last the rest of your life!

All Natural

100% pure ceramic. No lead, no cadmium, no heavy metals and no chemicals of any kind. Xtrema is the safest cookware available.

Durable Construction

Triple fired and ultra-purified at 2500 degrees, stain proof, scratch proof and chip resistant. If taken care of our 100% ceramic products will last a lifetime unlike "ceramic" coated cookware.

Stick Less Surface

Our proprietary ceramic glazing is non-scratch and free of PFOA, PTFE, polymers, glues, dyes and coatings. When used properly, Xtrema cookware is completely stick resistant.

See Xtrema® in Action

From stove top to oven, refrigerator to freezer, nothing compares to the versatility of pure ceramic cookware.

Is Ceramic Cookware Toxic?

Every ceramic pot we offer is free of any extractable lead, cadmium, or toxic metals, as well as no PFOA and PTFE while modern metallic cooking surfaces can leach chemicals into the meals you prepare, making them potentially dangerous to your health.  Every shipment is California Prop 65 Tested and Approved.

There’s nothing more frustrating than cookware that affects the flavor of your favorite foods. However, we have just the solution you have been searching for. Xtrema cookware proudly offers a wide selection of ceramic stock pots and ceramic Dutch ovens. Shop from our selection of ceramic cookware today to find a safer solution, so you can finally cook with confidence. While shopping, don’t forget to subscribe to our email list so you can receive exclusive coupons, sales alerts, and product updates right in your inbox.

Ceramic stock pots and ceramic Dutch pots have been gaining support from holistic physicians, nutritionists, and medical doctors, as well as wellness bloggers throughout the world. What sets our ceramic stock pots and Dutch ovens apart from other cooking equipment on the market is that each ceramic pan and pot we provide is made from 100% pure ceramic. Ceramic offers infrared cooking properties, which allows food to cook consistently while reducing your energy usage overall. Ceramic is also easy to clean, so you can spend less time cleaning up after delicious meals and spend more time making memories with your family members and friends. Every product in our selection features a ceramic glaze that resists scratches and can withstand extreme temperatures.

We offer a wide variety of ceramic pots and pans to choose from, so you can replenish your collection at home or find the perfect replacement for your current cookware. Every ceramic pan and pot in our selection features a classic look, and we offer multiple colors to help make your search quick and simple. Whether you have been craving your family’s signature soup recipe or you need to simmer a sauce for a large pasta dinner, there’s so much to love about cooking with ceramic. We also pass on the savings to fellow food lovers by providing low flat-rate shipping on each product in our inventory. If you have any questions about our ceramic pans and pots, please contact us today to learn more.