COVID-19 - Your Concerns Answered

By now, you’ve likely received a lot of emails about COVID-19. Clearly, this virus is affecting thousands of lives, and we understand you have concerns regarding our production. 

We have gathered many thoughts from our clients regarding COVID-19, and we want to ensure everyone about the situation in China and the measures we are taking at Xtrema® to ease the situation.

What measures have been taken to ensure the outbreak is under control?

The mid-January outbreak occurred during the Chinese New Year, and the Chinese government took strict measures to restrict the movement of people to stop the spreading of the virus.

After this prolonged delay, most factories returned to work on March 1. The restrictions delayed many orders for late shipment, and, as is natural even in normal years, the supply chain then needed some additional time to warm up again. As of now, we can say that production will be back on track by late March.

New cases of coronavirus infection have dramatically slowed in China, and the country is getting back to work gradually.  70% of the ceramic factories are in full production.  At Xtrema® the team has never stopped working and now we are working at our home offices.  We are continuing to take protective measures by staying home as much as possible.

What are the factories doing to prevent the risk of infection?

Local government has strong control over the re-opening of factories. If workers are from a different city, they must self- quarantine for 14 day, the potential incubation period recognized by the Chinese government, which has implemented additional strict controls to prevent further spread of the virus. Firstly, all workers must have their body temperature checked before entering a factory and/or company. Secondly, all factory workers are required to wear face masks when working at our factories. The Chinese government mandates that all workers wear masks, wash hands frequently, and use alcohol wipes.


Does the COVID-19 virus live on packages?

According to WHO analysis, packages from China are safe. Research shows that the virus does not survive long enough on a dry surface to pose a threat, especially considering the lengthy time needed for transport from the factory to consumers. Please check out the WHO website for more information.

Is it safe to receive a package from any area where COVID-19 has been reported?

It is safe to receive a package.  The fact that a package has traveled for a substantial time and been exposed to different conditions and temperatures makes it virtually impossible for the virus to survive.  We are also taking all the proper measures in our warehouse to make sure that our Xtrema cookware remains the safest cookware in the world.