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Versa Pan

The pan is way bigger than i ever imagined. Incredible quality. Large. Comes with heat handles.

Versa Pot

She loves it!

The only cookware I truly trust!! Quality, durable, and attractive cookware. They’re perfect!

Grill Pan

Convenient size for a grilled sandwich or heat-up breakfast. Not great for a burger or small steak (grease splash is messy). Love all of my extrema pans.

Signature Skillet
Christy Collins

Perfect dishes every time! Super light which makes it even easier to clean! So worth the price. Obsessed is an understatement!

That makes us so happy to hear Christy, we hope you stay obsessed!

Versa Pan
Joan Sandler
They are the best

I have owned ceramic cookware in the past but ended up giving them away because they were too heavy. Xtrema pans are light but sturdy. They go from microwave to stove top to oven. Clean up is a breeze. Yes, they are the best.

Hello Joan! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Happy to hear you're satisfied with your purchase! If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please feel free to contact us.

Retro Tea Kettle
Cecile petra
Ergonomically well designed

Pours very well, even though it's quite large. Looks super stylish too! I might also that customer service with Xtrema is the best I've ever experienced - thank you!

Thanks Cecile, glad to hear you've been having a great experience with the kettle. We appreciate your kind words as well, we do our best to assist, know our team is always here if you need anything!

A Perfect Saucepan for me

I am very pleased with the 1 qt Traditions Saucepan I received. It is a usable smaller pan that doesn’t feel too heavy, and the black finish looks very nice. I like to warm up food gently and this saucepan allows that. It holds more than 1 qt but the base is a good smaller size that fits well on my smaller electric burner.

Hi Cheryl, we're glad to hear your Traditions Saucepan is meeting expectations!


I love the size and clean look of these mugs! We’ve been very happy with them!

Happy to hear that Stacy, hope you enjoy them for many years to come!

Muffin Pan
J Floyd

Muffin Pan

Loving this cookware! Easy cleanup and can tell they will be an heirloom one day. Such good quality!

Saute Pan with Lid
felipe avancine

If you have any issues, the service is kind, easy and quick!!!

Reliable product!

I love these silicone containers because they’re easy to clean, you can take something from freezer and thaw it in same container to defrost and they don’t have a nasty off or toxic smell like some companies that claim they’re food containers are “food grade silicone”. I love them and just bought the bundle package!

Love it!

I’m honestly surprised people find it “too large” since the description clearly states it’s size lol.

I use both my pots from here rather frequently and have not had any issues. My items arrived perfectly intact 🎀 🤍 it honestly surpassed my expectations positively. Love them!

Really Nice Mugs!

As a long time xtrema customer, I just had to try the Classic Mugs. I love that they are free of toxins and the large 18oz size is just perfect. These mugs are a nice complement to my xtrema Retro Tea Kettle, and have become my go-to mugs!

Versa Pan
Shannon Leckie
Absolutely LOVE it!

My second order, and am just as happy with my second purchase. Maintains heat perfectly for even cooking. So versatile, and love that it’s non-toxic!

Stir Fry Pan
Mislene Damasceno
I love the pans, I trust there are no chemicals added to the pan.

The quality is great. There are no chemicals at all. I do recommend them. I prepare the food and I don’t feel guilty anymore like before for preparing food in toxics pans. I want but more.

The custom service is great. They do respond your email and clarify if you have questions. They are so polite and explained to me how to take care of my pans.

Versa Pan
Carol Clark
Versa Pan

I love my pan! It truly is very versatile.

Game Changer!

Who knew I could love food storage containers so much! I am gleefully throwing away the broken plastic lids to the glass containers that I've been holding on to for years. I'll never go back! I love that these are quality silicone, and space saving. Highly recommend!

Best Cookware I've EVER OWNED!

I've owned the Versa Cookware for a year now and I use it every. single. day. It is the most versatile and most beautiful cookware set I've ever owned. I recommend Xtrema to everyone I know. I promise, these will quickly become essential in your kitchen.


I'm so impressed with the quality of these mugs. They are beautiful and well-made. Coffee lover, here! So these will be getting a ton of use.


I love this pan. It’s my new go to for everyday dinners. I’ve had it for about a year and it still looks brand new.

We are so glad you are loving your pan! We hope it stays looking brand new for years to come! Happy and healthy cooking to you Jory!

Very nice pot

Excellent quality!

A different level of professional cooking. And a plus to know that you’re cooking with something that doesn’t put off harmful toxins in your food from the cookware we use all the time and don’t really think about it. This cookware even gives your food more flavor.