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Versa Pan
Karen Bosco
Amazing Pans- Amazing Customer Service

We recently had our versa pan crack and the company replaced it so quickly. I love my xtrema cookware. It creates such a peace of mind knowing I am cooking with clean cookware that is not harmful to my family. And it also creates peace of mind to use a company with integrity. Thank you Xtrema!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us, Karen! Providing peace of mind for you and your family is at the heart of what we do, and we're so glad to hear that our commitment to clean, safe cookware has made a difference in your kitchen. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.


The Versa everyday essentials is amazing, was worried that food was going to stick to it but it is so easy to clean and it comes right off. I’ve baked sourdough, cooked steak, beef, vegetables and it all comes right off. I’m excited to try to bake a cookie in the mini skillet I received as well!

Thank you for sharing your cerami-tastic experience with us, John! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving your Versa everyday essentials and that they've exceeded your expectations in terms of performance and ease of cleaning. It's always exciting to explore new culinary adventures, and we're glad you're looking forward to baking cookies in the mini skillet – sounds delicious!

Mini Skillet
Julie Kemper
Tiny but perfect

It’s super small but perfect for warming sauces or melting butter on the blackstone! Love it!

Glad that you loved your Xtrema cookware, Julie!

Signature Skillet
Hannah Hempstead Repula

Signature Skillet

Thanks for the positive rating, Hannah! We hope you are enjoying your Xtrema cookware, happy cooking!

The best cookware I have ever owned!

This cookware is definately worth the price in every way. I will admit that it does take longer to prepare meals but you must preheat this cookware before using it on low. I have been coating with just a small amount of olive oil and have had little or no issues with foods sticking. If I do have some sticking, I wash the pan as soon as it cools a bit with some soap and water and it comes right off. The only thing I have had to use for scrubbing is the scrubby that comes on the back of a sponge. I also only use wooden utensils for stirring. Have used the fry pans in the oven, they are perfect. One of the most useful things are the cookware protectors, they are a must. Overall this cookware is for people that are not rushed to cook. Everything must be heated slowly, no turning up the heat on high to start things off, warming up the cookware before use is the key. I will continue to add to the collection, so far so good. I also can say that shipping is great, fast and customer service has been helpful with all my inquiries. Great company to do business with.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful compliments about Xtrema! We're absolutely thrilled to hear you’re enjoying it your Signature Series Set!

Asiana Tea Kettle

I use this kettle several times a day. It heats up quick enough and the water has a pure taste. The Asiana has the smooth pour like the Swirl and the easy fill like the Retro. They are all beautiful and deserve to be on display. It would be nice to add a smaller version to my collection for a lighter lift for other family members and guests.

We're absolutely thrilled to hear you enjoyed your Xtrema order, thank you so much for your feedback.

Classic Mug Set

I absolutely LOVE my mug set! I use them every day/all day for an assortment of hot/cold beverages. Features rounded lip for nice mouth feel, ergonomic handle for good grip without touching hot surface (depends on size of your hand), and generous fill size. It would be great if mug lids were available.

Appreciate the feedback and suggestion on the mug lids, TJ!
We've noted your feedback for consideration of future enhancements.

Have followed directions, still sticks

I have followed directions of the low and slow process and have attempted use of high quality avocado oil, olive oil and butter. No matter what I do, foods stick like crazy. Love that it’s non toxic but useless when an egg or a pancake ruins every time.

I want to share some tips with you to get the best performance from your Xtrema!

Xtrema is not non-stick cookware, it is 100% ceramic and takes a little practice to get used to cooking with, but well worth the health benefits.

We absolutely recommend an organic or high-quality olive oil as a great choice for your Xtrema pans!

The most important thing to remember no matter which oil you choose is to keep your pans on low and cook with them low and slow.

There is a learning curve if you're switching from non-stick cookware to our fully ceramic pots and pans, but the adjustment is so worth it! In just a short time you will be cooking with you ceramic like a pro, it just takes some getting used to and fully allowing the pans heat up beforehand!

When using Xtrema cookware, quality oil is essential! We recommend using some type of oil/fat on all Xtrema Skillets. Saucepans or Stock Pots may need less oil, depending on the food being cooked. Make sure your cookware is lightly coated with your favorite quality oil, nonstick spray, water, or liquid stock before adding and cooking food. Butter is not recommended because of its low burn temperature but can absolutely be used in your skillet if preferred. Some great choices for oils for your ceramic pans are high quality avocado oil, olive, or coconut oil.

Some additional tips:
Always apply the oil after warming your pan. Never put oil in a cold pan, it will cause sticking.
A thin coating of high-quality oil is all that is needed – spray or bottle.
You can also use water in place of or in addition to the oil/cooking spray to keep the pan moist. This method works great with eggs.
We recommend using a cooking spray and water while cooking rice or oatmeal in Xtrema Saucepans and Stock Pans to prevent stickage.
We recommend not using an oil when the food is more liquid based like a sauce or soup.
Preheat for 2 or 3 minutes at lowest setting of burner
Add oil or water and continue to preheat on lowest setting of burner, this is allowing your skillet to heat evenly and slowly
Add food and gradually turn up your burner to a medium setting, one notch at a time in 2 or 3 minute intervals, you may use your lid to speed up the process
Once food starts cooking nicely, turn your burner back down a few notches, the ceramic will retain the heat and continue to cook your food.
Cleaning Care

You can use an SOS or Brillo pad with hot soapy water, it works great for a quick removal of stuck on debris.

Here's a short video here for simple steps to achieving this:

Here are the written steps:
1. Step one let your Xtrema cool down
2. Scrub non metal scouring pad or brush with warm water and dish soap
3. Rinse and dry pan or lids.
4. Pour a generous amount of dry baking soda in the bottom of the pan or on the lid, and scrub hard with dry non-metal scouring pad/brush
5. Rinse and Dry!

We highly recommend handwashing your Xtrema Ceramic Cookware. Never rest the long handle on our skillets or push them against the sink while cleaning. Too much pressure on the handle can cause it to break.

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware is dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing all Xtrema Products. Clean Xtrema ceramic cookware just like you would metal cookware. You can use Baking Soda, Soft Scrub, Bon Ami, Comet and Ajax powered cleaners along with SOS, Brillo pads or any other heavy duty scrub sponges to clean the inside and outside of your Xtrema cookware.

*Do not soak your Xtrema over night. For Tough stains --You can add water to the skillet or pot - bring to a boil then simply scrape any burnt spots with a Nylon Spatula to make the cooking surface shinny and black again

Now, we want you to check back in with us to let us know how this process goes. We want you to be entirely satisfied. If for any reason his method does reach your satisfaction, we will assist you from there at that time! We are truly grateful you have chosen Xtrema to cook with in your home.

Please let us know how it goes, we want to assist you further with your concern. Send us a message at


High quality skillet. I use it for everything.

Our Signature Skillet does work wonders! We're so glad you get to experience it.

Versa Pot

I'm very satisfied with the Versa Pot. I can't wait to try it with my sourdough bread.

So happy to hear that, let us know how your bread turns out!

Hot spot!

I'm leaving this review about my 9in fry pan. I loved my pan at first, but after using it for a few months, I noticed there was an annoying hot spot just right of the center of the pan. Anything you put in that spot burns and it smokes only in that area. When you put any type of oil, it immediately separates from that hot spot. I'm sure this may have been a one off but unfortunately it happened to me. Kinda upsetting for a single fry pan that cost more than most complete sets do.Know I have an Xtrema 9in that I can't use : (

Hey there Scott, we're sorry for the poor experience with your frying pan.
We'd love to assist you further, kindly reach out to us at with the photos of your Xtrema cookware showing the issue along with your Order Number for this purchase. We look forward to hearing from you!

Versa Pot
Janet Yung
Best Dutch oven

Lighter than other popular brands and non toxic. I love the 2.5 qt for making fragrant rice.

Thanks for the review, Janet! We're glad the Xtrema Dutch oven worked well for your needs.

Traditions Saucepan
darin grein

Thank you for the warranty and great customer service.
Customer Darin G.

It was our pleasure to assist you, Darin! Feel free to message us anytime for assistance on this or a future order.

Where has this been all my life!

I love my new cookware! It’s beautiful and relatively simple to use. I love this baking pan, because if it I never use tin foil or parchment paper anymore. It was such an easy transition and i just wish I purchased them sooner!
Great customer service as well. I had an issue with one pan and they took care of it immediately. I will continue to purchase from Xtrema!

It was a pleasure to assist you! Thanks as well for sharing your great experience with your Xtrema cookware.

Stir Fry Pan
Patti M.
Most used

I use this piece of cookware more than any of my others. It's great for cooking vegetables, soups, beans, and it works perfect for making gravy. You can even bake a sourdough bread bowl in it!! This piece is a must for your collection.

Glad to hear the pan worked well for all your needs, Patti! We are so grateful for your feedback.

Sauté Pan with Lid

I love my new Sauté Pan with Lid! I enjoyed cooking vegetable stew in this pan. I cooked it without any oil and nothing was sticking to its bottom. Stew was delicious and it was very easy to clean the pan. Thank Extrema for such a great cook ware.

We're glad to hear you're enjoying your purchase so far. We can't wait for the next opportunity to serve you!

Versa Pan
Jacquelyn Rummel
Versa pans so versatile

I bought the large versa pan to use in my convection oven. It fits because it does not have the long handles. My oven can take a 16” pizza pan so this fit fine.
It’s so easy to clean and stacks well with my other cookware.
I bought another large and 2 smaller ones. The smaller size is perfect for a meal for two and it’s very difficult to find bakeware with a cover in this small of size.
I use Xtrema instead of my Le Crueset bakeware now.

Thanks so much for your feedback, Jacquelyn! Glad to hear it was exactly what you wanted for a cookware.

Muffin Pan

love it!!!

Thanks a lot for the review, we're glad you’re happy with your Xtrema purchase!


The pot holder I didn’t know I needed! It fits almost all of my pans and we use it for everything!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Christine. Happy to hear you're satisfied with your purchase! If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks again for your two cents!

Classic Oval Dutch Oven

Love this for making sour dough bread!!!!! I am really happy that I bought this dutch oven, its working perfect for making bread.

Glad that the Dutch oven worked well for your needs, Carol! Thanks for choosing Xtrema cookware.


We're glad to hear you're enjoying your purchase so far, Lidia!

Versa Pot
Joan Sandler
Good stuff

I recommend this cookware. It is non stick and a healthier choice.

Many thanks for the recommendation, Joan. We're equally happy you have a great experience with your Xtrema cookware!

Grill Pan
Pablo Martin
Xtrema has great high quality goods

I am really liking my non toxic extrema cookware. Working great so far!

We're really happy our Xtrema cookware is working as expected for you, Pablo! We look forward to your next purchase.

Saute Pan with Lid
Marc Capodici


Glad that you loved your Xtrema cookware, Marc!

Most excellent

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Skyler! We're glad you're enjoying your Signature Series Set.