Welcome to the Studio

This is where we introduce new products, limited release seasonal items, and presell popular products that have not yet arrived at our warehouse. Studio products are available for pre-order at discounts up to 25% - plus earn 100 bonus points for all qualifying Studio purchases. Once a Studio item sells out, there is no guarantee that it will return. Please check the FAQ below for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Studio?
The Studio is the heart of Xtrema cookware - it's where we mold new products and release limited quantities of seasonal or "one-time" items. Studio products go through our typical production process: they are designed, scheduled, made to order and then delivered. All Studio items are available for pre-order, which means that you may have to wait up to 12 weeks to get your order. However, we do offer generous discounts for pre-ordering Studio items.
How does the Studio work?
The listings in the Studio allow you to pre-order Xtrema products that have not yet been made. Once we know that we're going to produce a new item or batch order some seasonal products, we list them here in the Studio. Some items are still in design, some are scheduled to be produced, and others are in development. You may pre-order any item in the Studio to guarantee that you receive that item once it arrives at our warehouse. Every Studio item will clearly list the discounted pre-order price, remaining quantity and the estimated ship date.
Why should I preorder from the Studio?
Pre-ordering from the Studio allows you to reserve products that are produced infrequently and in limited quantities. Because of supply chain difficulties and shipping delays, we feel that this is the most equitable way release certain products. Also, early pre-orders receive the biggest discounts - as Studio items get closer to delivery, the discounts decrease.
How long do items remain in the Studio?
It depends. However, it is standard for items to be in the Studio for approximately 12 weeks - 4 weeks on schedule, 4 weeks in production and 4 weeks in transit to our warehouse.
How long does it take to deliver Studio products?
Once Studio products arrive at our warehouse, it takes about a week to get all of the pre-orders packaged up and shipped. From there you can determine the standard shipping time to your specific location (2-5 days within the US).
How do Studio discounts work?
Items that are scheduled are available to pre-order at a discount of 25%. Items that are either in production or in transit may be pre-ordered at 15% off. Any Studio item that arrives and goes into inventory will be sold at retail price.
When am I actually charged for Studio purchases?
Your credit card will be charged for the Studio items that you order at checkout.
What if I order one item from the Studio and another item from your store?
In this case we will split the shipments. You will receive one shipment for the store item, which will be processed shortly after your checkout. The Studio item will be shipped on or around the estimated ship date on your order status page.
What happens if an item in the Studio sells out?
Once an items in the Studio sells out, it's gone. This is why it's important to get your spot in line to receive Studio products. We have no way to determine how long the quantities will last as many of the Studio items are new. While we may produce certain items again, it is really uncertain when we will be able to bring them back.
Can I wait until Studio products are in stock before purchasing them?
Of course. You just won't be able to lock in pre-sale pricing and there's always a chance it may sell out.

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