Can Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Be Used Over a Fire?

Can Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Be Used Over a Fire?


Something about cooking over a flame makes meals more exciting — and some swear the food tastes better that way. When you're relying on a campfire to cook, having the right equipment is important. You want something strong enough to withstand high heat that's easy to clean with limited access to water. That's why Xtrema cookware is the perfect camping accessory for making delicious meals over the fire. 

Is Xtrema Cookware Fire-Safe?

Yes, Xtrema ceramic cookware can be used on campfires and open flames. Our signature ceramic is triple-fired and ultra-purified at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it was made to withstand high temperatures. As with cast iron, you can put our ceramic cookware directly over the fire, except Xtrema is much easier to clean and doesn't leach metals into your food.

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Camping

Our entire line of Xtrema ceramic cookware is fire-safe. If you're not sure which pots and pans to choose, here are the perfect pieces for your camping kit: 

Signature Skillet

The 11-inch signature skillet is a must-have for cooking over a campfire. You can sear, sauté, fry and so much more in your ceramic skillet. The classic shape and convenient handle are perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Plus, it is almost 40% lighter than cast iron which makes it easier to maneuver while cooking. 

Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a staple for experienced campers and adventurers. The Xtrema Round Dutch Oven is deep enough for big portions, with a lid to keep your food safe from dirt and ash. You can cook everything with a Dutch oven, from baking bread to roasting chicken. It's available in five sizes to feed a small or extra-large crowd. 

Versa Pan

If you only have room to pack one piece of Xtrema ceramic cookware, the Versa Pan is for you! It's the perfect combination of pot and skillet, with a protective lid that seals in heat for faster cooking. From boiling to baking and everything in between, our 100% ceramic Versa Pan is all you need for a weekend in the woods. 

Order Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Your Next Camping Trip 

Whether you're in the kitchen or on top of a mountain, Xtrema ceramic cookware is nontoxic, durable and easy to clean for quick and easy cooking. Our 100% ceramic pots and pans can withstand high heat and are perfect for making meals on the campfire. Order Xtrema ceramic cookware to complete your camping kit today! 

Order Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Your Next Camping Trip

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Meet your favorite ceramic skillet. With shallow side walls and a smooth 100% pure ceramic cooking surface, our Signature Series Skillet is ready to sear, sauté, fry, and sizzle like a champ! This timeless addition to your kitchen will be your "go-to" skillet for everyday cooking. And with no toxins, no metals, and no maintenance, cooking is worry-free.